Learning through experience from wise mentors​​

At Alliance Equestrian Horse Boarding Facility in Bend, Oregon you receive high quality lessons and training from instructors who have experience to guide you on your personal road.

Natalie Perry is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist. Her coaching is coveted by many.

Mari is a USDF Silver and Bronze medalist as well an accomplished competitor. She takes pride in helping you learn at a pace which is right for you.

Every person learns in their own unique way. Natalie and Mari are here to accomodate you and your horse's learning style.

Book an introductory lesson today and get headed on your personal path of success.​

Mari Valceschini~ Trainer and Owner

I, Mari Valceschini, grew up here in Central Oregon. And as far back as
I can remember, I was the textbook horse crazy kid. From the time I got
my first horse, a pinto pony, if I could have slept in a stall with her I
would have. I loved learning and succeeding with my horse. I learned
balance, discipline, harmony and attention to detail and the joy of a well
schooled horse. It was this passion that led me to compete and show
my horses.
During high school, I was a working student at sale barn, a facility that
imported and sold Hanoverians. I learned the basics of dressage, riding
sport horses, how to prepare and present sale horses. But most
importantly I fell in love with dressage; the balance, comunication and
organization of dressage can benefit all types of horses, activity levels
and disciplines. From Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses to Warmbloods
and everything in between, horses in general can use the foundation of
dressage to excel in riding.
While attending Oregon State University in Corvallis and working
towards a degree in Bachelor degree Business Administration, I joined
the OSU Eventing team, and became a working student for judge and
trainer Kim Barker. At KB Dressage, I had the opportunity to compete
with many challenging and talented horses. With these horses I began
to gain success in the show arenas. I enjoy being in tune with my horse,
and intuitively knowing how to communicate with him and how to
elevate his performance in the arena. I earned my USDF Bronze medal,
won championships on the local, state and northwest regional level.
After graduating from Oregon State University, I returned to Bend, my
hometown, to be close to my family. Inevitably I could not stay away for
riding and immersed myself in my passion for dressage. I earned my
USDF Silver medal and became a professional, working at local barns.
It is at this time that I built a friendship and business with Natalie Perry.
Over time we grew our businesses together, and as of recently decided
to purchase our farm together.
It is my sincere hope that here at Alliance Equestrian Center I am able
to not only provide great care to all of our horses, to train my own
personal horse up through the levels, but to also help my students reach
their riding goals both in and out of the show ring.

Natalie Perry~ Trainer and Owner
Go to: www.natalieperrydressage.com for a full bio!

Natalie Perry Dressage Horse Boarding Bend Oregon

November Burling ~Barn Manager

My name is November Burling, I’m 22 years old. I have lived in Bend Oregon since I was 6, and started my horse life when I was 7. I went to Bend Senior high, and rode for the Equestrian team all four years on my lovely Palomino Comet. In high school I learned about Dressage, and started riding with Natalie and fell in love with it. In high school I worked at a boarding facility as a stall cleaner. Then I found Natalie and Mari in April of 2016 and started working part time. After working for a few months, I ended up purchasing my lovely mare Syrah and took on my Dressage journey. From then I have worked my way up to full time and I love every bit of it. Alliance Equestrian Center is one of the greatest training barns I have ever been so fortunate to be a part of. 

"Natalie Perry is a breath of fresh air in the horse world. I feel that my horses' well being and my safety are truly of the upmost importance to her. 

We have made so much progress in the last few months. Her teaching style is very positive, but firm and she is very receptive to collaboration.

ALLIANCE EQUESTRIAN  is well equipped and the barn culture is very welcoming and supportive. 

I've never experienced a training facility where there is so much laughter and positive feedback.  I always  leave the barn with a smile on my face because it brings me such joy to see happy people and happy horses.

My intention was to just board my horses for the winter, but I am leaving them with Natalie for the show season and loving every minute of sharing my passion with such a competent and caring team."

~Ronda Wiltse
Owner of Omee and LaFina 

(9 year old Norwegian Fjords)  

"Natalie Perry has trained and shown my horses for the dressage ring for several years. She has a way of bringing the best out of every horse she rides. Her knowledge and skill give her an extreme edge in the competition ring where she always has a positive attitude.

Natalie is extremely disciplined and consistent with her training and she always gives the horses a lot of praise. She is a very talented horsewoman and I most certainly recommend her for your training program. "

                           ~Tina Billings


"I don't compete, but I do love to ride and train with Natalie Perry. I am so proud of Natalie and Mari for getting this facility. It is gorgeous and functional.

The indoor arena makes my winter in Central Oregon a whole different experience! Because I can keep riding!

 My horse is content and happy the moment he steps out of the trailer for our lessons. 

 Even though some of the clients are top level dressage competitors, which is way out of my league, they do it with a calm and kind manner. "
~Angie, Bend Oregon