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Natalie Perry Dressage


Dressage should be an art, a partnership between horse and rider to demonstrate the beauty of the equine. Originally, Dressage movements were created for the battlefield. As time has passed, it is now a sport of connection, respect and grace. When performed properly it is a dance  that brings joy and purpose between you and your horse. Natalie is a full time instructor and trainer at Alliance Equestrian Horse Bording in Bend, Oregon. Learn more about Natalie Perry on her website  http://www.natalieperrydressage.com/
Mari Valceshini Dressage Natalie Perry Dressage


Mari is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist. She has students and horses ranging from beginner to FEI. For a full bio see our team page


Dressage Lesson Horses


Deklan is a wonderful teacher. He has been trained through FEI level and is patient with his subjects. He is honest, forgiving and will give you his best ride every time. Deklan is a big boy at 17 hands. His favorite snacks are animal crackers and he has been known to take a bribe.


Dressage Lesson Horses
Baby is a been there, done that, kinda gal. She is a Morgan/Paint cross who is gentle, patient and safe for beginners.  She has done a little bit of everything in her life from trail riding on the beach to dressage.  Her easy going disposition allows riders to learn at an appropriate pace. We feel so fortunate that long term client Veronica Bush has allowed us to use her sweet mare in our lesson program.  We just love her!